NMN Product Stability - What Our Lab Testing Revealed

NMN Product Stability - What Our Lab Testing Revealed

It’s well known that NMN’s abilities to boost NAD+ levels and the hope of slowing down humans’ aging as science has shown in mice experiments. But, if you are one step ahead of science and decide to take NMN just in case, what should you be concerned about with your NMN supplement products? We performed a lab experiment to test NMN stability in both powder and water solution, and its implication of time when stored at room temperature.

In Organic chemistry, it is common sense to think that an organic molecule is more stable at lower temperature, and at room temperature, it may degrade over time, however, this assumption is not always the case. Many people believe that NMN should be kept in the fridge to avoid degradation over time.
But is this a truth or a spreading belief? SO, WE DECIDED TO PUT IT TO THE TEST!

Our NMN stability test was performed by using High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) where the changes in the NMN purity can be directly monitored as the result of NMN degradation.

Two experiments were conducted:

Exp A – to test the stability of NMN in powder form. Two HPLC samples were measured: one is right upon receipt of purchased NMN and the other is after storage at room temperature in a white and opaque plastic bottle for one year.

Exp B – to test the stability of NMN in water solution. The same sample vial in water solution was tested at three different storage periods: first, freshly prepared NMN water solution; second, after 1-month storage at RT; and third, after 12 months storage.

Lab results:

In Exp A, the HPLC analysis of the NMN powder right after purchase showed the purity of 99.8% which is, in other words, an indication of how predominant NMN molecules are in the sample. The same NMN powder was kept at room temperature in a white plastic bottle tightly closed and analyzed after one year. As you can see in the chromatogram, the purity was found to be 99.8%.

This experiment has clearly shown that there is no degradation of NMN molecules within a year if your product is a powder and held in a well-capped bottle at room temperature.

Humidity vs. NMN Stability: What about humidity? Is it important for NMN stability? To answer the question, we conducted Exp B, by dissolving powder NMN in water and measured the sample purity when it was 1) Freshly prepared; 2) one month later, and 3) 12 months later. The purity was found to be 99.7%, 94.7%, and 0%, respectively. Looking at the chromatograms, you can see a progressive change of the NMN purity over time due to the molecular instability of NMN in water solution at room temperature.


  1. You can keep your NMN powder product at room temperature without being worried about losing quality for at least one year.
  2. NMN will degrade in the presence of water, so keep your product bottle tightly closed and away from water and that should be enough!


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