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Sandra Millward, CNP, ROHP

I am an Orthomolecular Practitioner and Certified Nutritionist, and I am committed to using Arcwell's product line with my clients, but also as part of my own daily health regime.

As a 56-year old, post-menopausal woman, I am thrilled to say that I've felt my metabolism working much more efficiently than it has in years, thanks to Arcwell. I began using the MNM powder just over a month ago, at which time I stopped drinking coffee so that I could gauge the results of the product, making sure any increase in energy was not due to caffeine. The difference was remarkable, with my energy increasing noticeably. My jeans fit more easily, too, so I can't wait to see the changes that my second month of use will bring. 

Due to travels, I also missed a whole month of my usual weight training sessions. But upon returning to the gym last week, I decided to challenge myself, while also putting Arcwell MNM powder to the test. Using the same weights I had built myself up to, I did a full workout, rather than starting light, as common sense would suggest I do. I knew that in the past I would have experienced some muscle soreness in the days following my workout. But this time, I was pain-free! These impressive results spell good news for me, for the Olympic and elite athletes I advise, and also for all my clients, who want to remain youthful as they age. 

As a health professional, I am proud to support a company whose values are aligned with mine. Fuelled by a passion for active, healthy aging, Arcwell is committed to quality, with science-based research and methods. All their raw ingredients are carefully chosen, premium grade, and ethically tested. These are also three scientists who live their belief system and are fine personal examples of how to age backwards. I trust Arcwell as a company whose values align with mine.

Arcwell sets the bar very high for other vitamin companies to follow. I look forward to watching them continue excelling!

In Health and Wellness, 

Sandra Millward, CNP, ROHP

Radiate Wellness


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