Golden Years, Golden Health: An Inspiring Journey of an 86-Year-Old Couple with Arcwell

Golden Years, Golden Health: An Inspiring Journey of an 86-Year-Old Couple with Arcwell

Embracing wellness together in a lifetime of love and health

In this heartwarming feature, we share the remarkable story of a devoted couple, both 86 years young, who have woven Arcwell into the fabric of their golden years. Their letter, brimming with joy and gratitude, is not just a testament to their enduring love, but also to the vitality and wellness they've found through our supplements. Join us as we delve into their inspiring journey, a beautiful reminder that health and happiness truly have no age limit.

Hello Arcwell,

An article arrived online and mentioned NMN capsules and we delved further to learn that RNA in replicating our DNA is "sloppy" and over time degrades our genetic code and results in a weakening of muscle, skin texture, hair and color and ultimately DEATH. of the animal (us) and a Dr. David Sinclair working at Harvard U. in Boston has found a way of slowing down the process and the medical evidence could be scanned from several different laboratories, A few weeks later we were channel surfing and came across a documentary on CNN featuring Dr. David Sinclair in person speaking about it and displaying his 200 mice, 100 of which had been fed a pinch of NMN along with their usual mouse grains. the difference was astounding, after 30 months the normal 100 were decrepit and he was lost some of them to age related problems whereas the 100 given the NMN were sleek and agile and there were NO side effects and he pointed directly into the camera with 20 million viewers watching I expect and said "take my NMN capsules and I can give you a better life and perhaps another good 20 years added to your span. I take it myself" A door flyer reported it On Sale at the local Health food store so we bought our first bottle of 150 mg of Regener LIFE SurgeNMN capsules and next morning felt different, more UP and , next morning again UP and next morning but you soon get accustomed to the feeling and therefore not noticing it so from here-on you have to take it on faith since you aren't about to stop a good thing, and who couldn't use a better 20 more years. We're currently taking Arcwell's NMN which has a higher dose of 250mg NMN per capsule and we are feeling great! Don & Dianne Yarwood (wish it would help the arthritic pain of my left knee tho)

I neglected to report I've worn a compression stocking for 5 years right up my left leg to help push the blood back up when my veins can't , I've had issues with it and even off to Emerg for Blood clot shots (ouch) but about 3 weeks into using NMN capsules I started not wearing the stocking sometimes with a good feeling of circulation there, I've parked the stocking in a drawer just-in-case EH? and that was 5 months ago and now my wife Dianne reports that I'm growing fresh hair to cover my pattern baldness, I really like this.

Also my wife Dianne corrects me to say that I actually wore that damned compression stocking for 15 years, OH how that time flew, seems I didn't dare not wear it so it became a way of life. The cashier Lynn working at the St. Thomas Fresco store catches me whenever I'm there and she's at work to tell me how pleased she is that I told her about the NMN's.

- Don Yarwood of St Thomas, Ont.

Please note: The image featured is a representation and not of the wonderful couple who shared their story with us.

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